Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Clean Brush is a Happy Brush

I found myself cleaning my studio yesterday. What I really wanted to do was to paint. However, my brushes needed some attention before I could get down to business. Let me say up front that I have neglected my brushes for approximately 6 weeks. This has been the period of time since I completed works for a show I had in Washington D.C. Tsk, tsk, poor brushes, no one to play with them. I had been feeling guilty about the apparent neglect for some time, but I haven’t been able to tear myself away from my intensive marketing studies. (More on that later.) No longer able to avoid the need of my brushes, I stuck my nose in the first bucket. Phew! That is a nasty smell. What could that be from?? Well, it seems as though keeping brushes wet while they are being used seems to work out fine. Unfortunately, soaking in acrylic-water for untold days doesn’t bode too well. The funk was coming from a large round decorative brush that I have had for only a short time. Alas, no attachment. Good thing, because after 5 washes and all night to dry, it still had an offensive odor. Without hesitation I launched the sour-bristled brush into my near-full bucket of trash. Gratefully and fortunately, the rest of my brush collection survived in good condition. I learned my lesson: a clean brush is a happy brush. Good to know.


  1. Thanks for the follow - I look forwards to seeing your artwork in the future - always lovely to meet another fellow artist! Cheers Val


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