Wednesday, August 19, 2009

60x48 Commission: Terms of Agreement

Canvas Specifications:
  • stretched canvas - 60” high x 48“ wide (x 2” deep approx)
  • frame strips (approx) .75“ wide x 2.5” deep
  • framed art (approx) 61.5“ high x 49.5” wide x 2.5“ deep, stained dark walnut
  • acrylic on linen
Color Palette:
  • Harvest Colors: golds, oranges, reds, cream, white, green for accent, other accent colors
  • Question: what do you mean by Gold - metallic gold, rich golden yellows, the color of wheat with the sun rising against it, something else? Please circle or make notes...
Art Description:
Artwork to consist of many layers of information created at different scales. Some things will be readily noticeable from afar, other details revealed as the viewer steps closer. Layers of detail work together to create an overall impression. Details of art to include people. Artwork to be generally consistent in style and content with Latifah Shay’s previous works (as displayed at Tryst and posted on

Mrs. Client Likes:
  • Mercy for the detail, the bold simplicity, likes the person
  • Trusting to Tell , The Importance of Courage and Global Soul for the layering & depth of detail, for the people
  • Something to Say, The Raven for the colors
Mrs. Client Dislikes:
  • Confidence, the Everpresent, Growing Hope and Movement of Light because they are “too much”
  • “No purples, no browns, no pastel”
Mr. Client Likes:
  • Art that is composed of many layers of detail working together to create an overall image
  • Art as background image to their life
  • "Harvest Colors"
Mr. Client Dislikes:
  • Art that has one overwhelming image or shape such as Delicate Intensity
General Schedule:
  • Plan on having artwork to show you by mid-August
  • Plan on having artwork completed in full by end of September
  • I said I would do up to 3 paintings. Mr. Client said “don’t think 3 pieces is necessary.” I feel confident of this and am excited to paint for you. However, if what I present to you doesn’t excite you the way you would like, I would like to talk about it, painting up to 2 more pieces. My intention is to deliver artwork of the highest quality and caliber and to provide you with art that you can appreciate and enjoy for many years to come.
Delivery / Pick-Up:
  • Mr. & Mrs. Client anticipate picking up art from my studio in rural, PA
  • If shipping is necessary, cost of shipping, handling and insurance will be additional
Terms of Payment:
  • $XXXX - agreed upon price
  • > $XXX - 30% non-refundable deposit - PAID
  • > $XXX - due middle of August
  • > $XXX - due upon completion of artwork
  • Mr. Client said that if necessary, they would pay more; they want to be reasonable, but don’t want me compromise on the artwork for lack of time, money, resources, etc.
  • > I appreciate your generosity deeply in this regard. At this time I do not anticipate needing additional payment. Thank you.
Contact Info:
Please print this document... sign & date it, note what gold means to you, snail-mail me a copy.
Thank you very much. I am excited and grateful for this opportunity - can’t wait to paint!
  • client signature & date / artist signature & date

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  1. Wow, what a great post! Thanks for sharing this process!
    Julie Fillo

  2. You're welcome and I appreciate your enthusiasm.

    It is my intention to document all of the correspondence, etc. regarding the commission.
    Hopefully will be helpful to others, also wanting to make myself 'transparent' - to let people know how I work.

    take care, Latifah


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